121 Fat Loss Training
Personal Training

Our Fat loss training programs are suited to people who….

  • Are overweight.
  • Are preparing for an event/activity ie Wedding/Climbing.
  • Feel physically heavy and mentally demotivated.
  • Are 40+ and wanted to prevent future potential pains and health risks.

Our Fat loss Trainers hold a wide variety of qualifications and have extensive experience training a diverse mix of people ranging from Students, City workers, Dancers, Mums, Celebrities, Disabled, Sportsmen, Performers and Artists. A vast majority are currently working to help the everyday working person achieve their ideal aesthetic look whilst maintaining optimum health.
Our 121 Training programmes, all come with diet guidance. If you have had a DNA test, your diet will be applied from the report. Alternatively your trainer will advise the best diet routes for you to take whilst training
We deliver mental motivation coaching sessions, which can help the person who may have picked up bad habits with diet, or for those who simply have trouble motivating themselves to exercise. Coaches carefully guide you using NLP skills to help you get to where you want to be.

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