121 Reformer Pilates Training
Personal Training

Our reformer Pilates training is suited to:

  • Anybody wanting to improve posture
  • Anybody who wants to gain core strength
  • Anybody wanting to achieve long strong leg muscles
  • Anybody who prefers Pilates as a style of training

We have a variety of trainers who can help you with your core strength needs. You will be placed with a trainer that specialises in this area. All of our trainers hold the very best and latest qualifications for this area of expertise.
Our 121 Training programmes all come with regulated diet guidance. If you have had a DNA test with us, your diet will be applied from your report. Alternatively your trainer will advise the best diet routes for you to take whilst training.
We deliver mental motivation coaching sessions with 121 training, which can help the person who may have picked up bad habits with diet, or for those who simply have trouble motivating themselves to get to the gym. Coaches carefully guide you using NLP skills to help you get to where you want to be.

Personal Trainer Pricing