City Fit Workshops

We are a team of successful, experienced and qualified Fitness professionals, Sportsmen and Artists bringing City Fit Training and Workshops, to those of you interested in Health, Fitness and Arts.
Our City Fit Trainers and Workshop leaders are friends and colleagues, joining forces and passions organically, to help others identify and smash Fitness goals.
We seek potential in individuals craving to self-improve both physically, mentally and socially and proceed to help you to be the very best version of you.
Our training and workshops produce physical strength, body beauty, and education, enlightenment, networking opportunity, motivation, social inspiration and mental balance.
Each City Fit team member lives and breathes the unique service that they provide and work around client's busy schedules to get them to where they want to be. Whether you simply want to get fit, lose weight, or start a hobby, our growing services provide something for everybody and anybody with a goal.
Anybody wishing to get involved in 121 training or workshops needs first to book a consultation with our City Fit Director here.

Stacey Richards
Founder for City Fit Workshops

"See it. Wish it. Be it."

If you are an individual aspiring to become a Fitness Professional or Personal Trainer, we have training and courses that can qualify you to become the Fitness professional that you aspire to be. If you are an existing Personal Trainer, Sportsman, Health Professional or Artist with a unique service, please feel free to email me for a chat.