Personal Training

Who is suitable for Personal training?
Anybody who is interested in self-improvement is suitable for Personal training. Your age, gender and current fitness levels will not affect whether or not you can train. If you have a medical issue, then you will be required to consult your doctor to ensure that it is safe for you to start regular exercise.

What happens when you are in a training session?
On your first session, your trainer will assess your body, by performing physical tests. This will deter the current state of your flexibility, strength, cardiovascular and posture. If you are doing DNA training, a saliva swab will be taken and sent to the lab. This will give us information on your exact diet/exercise needs, for your body. Please visit our Personal training package link for more information on DNA training. With this information and your fitness goals in mind they will then devise programs for you to both work on together and programs for you to complete on your own. Each session your trainer will ensure that your technique is perfect, they will motivate you and assist you every step of the way. They will ensure your diet is correct and help you to perform any necessary changes.

What are the benefits of Personal Training?
Personal training will completely enhance your overall health. Physically, you will be able to move around more effortlessly, you will achieve your desired aesthetic look; you will experience less aches and pains. Mentally, you will sleep better; have lower stress levels, higher confidence and more energy. Socially, it will get you out of your repetitive routine to see and be inspired by other people alike progressing in self-improvement.

What is the difference between pt and workshops?
Personal training will help you to reach a specific fitness goal. ie "lose 10 pounds by June 2015" A work shop will help you to improve one specific part of your fitness. For example "Practising Posture" will focus on your posture alone.

What are the trainers like?
The trainers are completely dedicated and passionate about what they do. They are highly qualified with great communication skills. You can find more information about the trainers and current members on our Personal training Packages page.

Will I feel intimidated?
Absolutely not, we are 100% aware of how scary even stepping into a gym environment can be. We make every effort to make you feel comfortable and are happy to work in a private studio environment rather than the gym if need be.

Where do we work out?
We have studios in and around the London City area; we also work at Fitness First, Spitalfield Tower.

Can anyone do PT?
At this moment in time, we receive 100% positive feedback from clients. This is due to their hard work and commitment. There are a lot of people that aren't quite mentally ready for physical and mental change; these people normally fall below the way side. We like to hand pick clients just the same as we handpick the trainers. We do offer and welcome everybody a free consultation, it is here that your consultant will decide if they feel that you have potential and are truly ready and committed for change. If for any reason they do not feel that personal training will help you, they will refer you onto something that they believe may be more suitable.