Gym Beginner

This workshop is for the person who slightly cringes when entering the gym. Running on a treadmill somewhat bores you after 10 minutes; you are not entirely sure how to hold a dumbbell, let alone how to use it. You feel a little intimidated by your surroundings. You have had a gym induction but have forgotten everything, and you are still feeling a little lost and demotivated. Guess what, you are not alone! We have your back. In this workshop, you will first receive a personal consultation, so we know what you'd like to achieve, you will then have a full body MOT, to identify weaknesses/imbalance. Your fitness coach will proceed to teach you all the machines and free weights and the latest equipment. You will receive a programme that is designed specifically for your body. You will learn about Cardio, Flexibility, Strength and Core training. This is a mixture of learning and physical work out.

Workshop Pricing