Optimum Flexibility

For those of you that can't see yourself doing yoga, or those of you that love yoga but want to try a different way of stretching. This workshop is for you. In this workshop, we first discover exactly what muscles in our bodies need stretching, we deter this by a few different flexibilty tests and postural analysis. Perhaps you always have a tight lower back, neck or shoulders. We will teach you how to stretch efficiently both on your own and with assistance. You will also learn what stretches may actually cause you more damage than benefit, everyones body is different, therefore it isn't advisable to copy your friends stretch routine. Stretching muscles is a great way to diminsh muscle pains and niggles, it also compliments exercise as it will give you more range of movement. It can prevent injury and help with any bad posture issues. You will recieve a stretch programme where you can repeat the routines that you learn in the workshop yourself to keep your body limber at all times. This is not yoga, it is a mix of both learning and physical stretch.

Workshop Pricing