Perfecting Posture

If you spend more than 5 hours at a desk each day, or simply feel that you are slowly turning into the hunch back of Notre dame. This workshop is for you. In a group, we will explore the different posture types, using each other as dummies! We will then decide what necessary posture correction needs to take place. After observing the different posture types and discussing potential pains, we will then learn how you can help to correct posture using exercise and stretch. You will understand that tight muscles and weak muscles in certain areas of the body are often the cause for poor posture. Over the course of the workshop you will discover how to loosen and strengthen the necessary muscles to realign. You will also become aware of exercises that you may currently be using that may actually be making your posture type worse. Corrective Exercises and stretches will be learnt and programmed for each of you individually. This is a mixture of both learning and physical exercise.

Workshop Pricing