Who can attend a workshop?
Anybody who is interested in self-improvement for a specific part of there fitness is suitable for workshops. The workshop itself will state if it is for one type of gender or age. If you have a medical issue, then you will be required to consult your doctor to ensure that it is safe for you to exercise.

What's the point of a workshop?
Each of our fitness workshops serves a different purpose. In general they will give you a motivation boost, inspire you to get back on your fitness track. They will educate you in specific areas of your fitness where knowledge may be lapsing and they will help those of you who feel better working in groups. Information on each workshop can be found here.

What is the difference between PT and workshops?
Personal training will help you to reach a specific fitness goal. ie “lose Ten pounds for my holiday in June” A work shop will help you to improve one specific part of your fitness. For example "Optimum Flexibility" will help you to understand how to stretch and gain more flexibility.

Can I do both Personal training and workshops?
Yes, however if you are Personal training, it may not be necessary for you to do a workshop, unless it compliments your fitness goal and is advisable by your goal coach.

Will I feel intimidated?
No! If this is a hesitation for you, some of our beginner's workshops are geared specifically to help participants get over those jittering fears that tend to come to those who aren't entirely sure about what they should be doing with exercise or at the gym.

How much is a workshop?
A workshop will equate to two nights out on the booze! Only instead of a hangover the following morning you will have learnt something new and gained a plan of action that will improve your health and fitness, you may even make some new friends that you will remember, you can find our price list here

Where are workshops held?
All Workshops take place within a chain of Fitness First gyms in and around the London Liverpool Street area. Your gym entry payment is included in your workshop payment, so no extra charge for gym entry is applicable for non-Fitness First members.
We sometimes work in various studios, practices and clinics within the area too. You may email us to find out when and where the next workshop will be.